International Research Grant - Malaysia Institute of Transport


Dr. Harlina Suzana Jaafar
Assc. Prof. Sabariah Mohammad
Dr. Rika Ampuh Hadiguna

In recent years, supply chain problems can be formulated how to meet demand under social, environmental and economic issues consideration. The main purpose of model development intended to support the decision maker for solving the supply chain problem using sustainable perspective. Decision maker always undertake to express their knowledge about probabilities and weights in precise numerical form may result in misleading assessment and biases. The problems are associated with the use of non numeric group decision making for sustainable supply chain problems is, amongst others: (i) what kind of critical attributes that are used in multi criteria decision making for sustainable supply chain management of malaysia industry; (ii) how to compute the critical attributes value based on multi person jugdment with non numeric type in group decision making.

Thereby, this study embarks on the following objectives are (i) investigate critical attributes that are used in multi criteria decision making for sustainable supply chain management; (ii) design a decision support system based on mathematical model for group based non numeric multi criteria decision making that involve critical attributes in sustainable supply chain management problems.

This research will be conducted in several stages as follows: firstly, observing the real system through industry visits and interviews to build the conceptual model. Secondly, identifying and formulating the attributes of sustainability in supply chain system through in deep interview and expert opinion questionnaire. Thirdly, formulating the mathematical model and building the computation procedure for solving mathematical formulation. Fourthly, designing decision support system, and finally, performing simulation and analysis to verify the software as a new tool for decision maker.

At the end of the computer simulation, it is expected that we will discover a new knowledge about the critical attributes of the sustainable supply chain management. Non numeric group decision making developed will be a new assessment approach to solve the problem of determining the priority of the critical attributes based on the opinion of many decision maker.