International Research Grant (AIIRHID) - Deakin University & Andalas University

Assessment Model for Location Evacuation Feasibility in Post Disaster Logistics Considering Local Culture Attributes

Dr. Rika Ampuh Hadiguna
Prof. Dr. Richard Reed
Ir. Insannul Kamil, M.Eng, IPM

Rationale and Objectives of the research project
After disaster occurred, many infrastructures are either damaged or destroyed. In Indonesia, many mosques are still in good condition in order to accommodate the evacuees. Mosque is public property as manifestation of local cultural that has strategic function and role in social life in Indonesia. Mosque is a facility for worship as well as meeting to formulate various problems solving. Mosque has sufficient facilities to become hub. Generally, mosque has area more 600 m2, well organized, good sanitary and located in densely populated. This means that mosque can be used as inventory facilities and evacuation location of disaster.
The objective of research project is developing assessment model of mosque feasibility as hub in post disaster logistics system. Output of research is a decision support system that needed to help decision makers in disaster logistics operations. Research project will be conducted in Kota Padang. The benefit of model is help decision maker to coordinate the relief logistics from local distribution centre to evacuation locations in disaster affected areas. Model is being formulated with emphasis on local distribution.

Research Method
Research procedure will be performed by applying various concepts and methods with detail as follows:
1.    A need analysis will be conducted on the basis of in-depth interviews with experts, senior officers in regional disaster agency in Kota Padang, and NGO’s. The need analysis will determine the difference between the actual state and a desired future state of a system with procedure as follows:
-   Survey mosques in Kota Padang
-   Identify stakeholders and requirement.
-   Formulate objectives.
-   Design questionnaire
2.    Determining property valuation with the following steps:
-   Distribute questinnaire to respondends.
-   Determine attributes relating objectives
-   Verify attributes using face validity
3.    Design computer model using web based approach by means:
-   Create algorithm and computer coding
-   Verify model using guestimate data
4.    Generalize the findings in the following:
-   Sensitivity analysis relating to policy alternatives.
-   Finding the critical attributes based on the simulation results.
5.    Concluding and generalization the findings as a new knowledge.