Mathematical model for manufacturing cell formation with fuzzy demand consideration

Rika Ampuh Hadiguna, Insannul Kamil, Taufik
Department of Industrial Engineering, Andalas University
Limau Manis, Padang

Abstract (Notification)

This paper studies a mathematical modeling for solving manufacturing cell formation problems at agriculture equipment and machinery industries (alsintan). Model use a single objective by considering product demand as fuzzy number. Applying fuzzy number for product demand because demand always fluctuation. This fluctuation admission in uncertainty condition that represented in form of fuzzy number. Model consider costs of component processing and material handling. There are two activities of material handling that is intra cell and inter cell. Number of machines that grouped and batch size have been known. Fuzzy number applied is S curve modified that effectively in various of production management area. Model that developed was applied for alsintan industry that have two product types that is hydrotiller and thresher. Model performance is analyzed with two scenario’s. First scenario is cell formation based on two product types and second scenario only applies hydrotiller having more process type. Model performance measure as comparison is minimum total cost. Model who developed in this paper would be benefit to decision taker in choosing best cell formation for implementation.

Keywords: cell formation, fuzzy demand, mathematical model, S curve modified